Alex Johnson



Meet Alex!

Alex (Alexandra) is the firecracker of Pete’s Garage. Small in stature and big in impact. Alex brings a high energy, “can do” attitude that keeps the whole shop smiling. Alex applied at Pete’s Garage because her high school teacher had mentioned working here 15 years ago. She said in her interview she want to work hard and learn.


Initially brought on board for a temporary and unpaid 8 week internship, Alex earned a paid position in 5 weeks by impressing Pete with a Herculean effort in moving 2,860 pounds of scrap steel in 2 hours, a full 2 hours faster than the previous fastest time! Now she works half days at Pete’s Garage and half days as a senior in high school. Once she graduates, Alex will join the team full time as a registered apprentice.


When asked about what she likes best about working at Pete’s Garage, she says “the high quality standard our shop has and how we treat our customers. Growing up, I thought all shops were mean to car owners but at Pete’s Garage our customers are always smiling because they know we care!”


When Alex isn’t busy striking a pose or giving her coworkers a pep talk, you can find her helping with clean up, performing oil changes, installing tires, learning about brake systems, performing vehicle inspections and shuttling customers.  Alex says when people hear she works at a garage they are most surprised to find out that she “isn’t Pete’s daughter”.


Alex is dual enrolled in school right now, taking both high school and college level classes in automotive repair. In December, she will graduate from her current college classes and be prepared to take and pass 4 of her ASEs. If she does this Alex will be one of the youngest people in the automotive trade to have held an ASE, ever.


Alex’s favorite memory of Pete’s Garage is rescuing a raccoon that was trapped in our dumpster.