Dan Czerny

Danny was drawn to the automotive trade after watching the movie “Fast and Furious” and wanting to be part of a great automotive team. Of course, he now knows that movies and real life don’t really imitate each other, but he has managed to find a team that he fits well with. He also discovered that fixing cars is fun and satisfying work and he really enjoys solving automotive related problems.


Pete’s Garage hired Danny when he was a sales person at a local car lot. Danny holds the honor of the second highest score in the history of our pre-employment aptitude testing.  Now Danny has become a solid performer who happily produces quality work. His favorite task at the shop is performing vehicle inspections.  Danny is also a wiz on our Road Force tire machine thanks to his strengths in mathematics.


 “Identifying trouble before it causes a break down for our customers gives me a lot of personal satisfaction”, are Danny’s own words when asked what he likes about Pete’s Garage, plus he thinks “It’s a very well known shop with a lot of power behind its name. The experience and connections I get here is on another level, to the point I’m not sure I could find it anywhere else.”


Danny thinks that people are most surprised to find out he is going back to school.  “Pete has helped me realize that education is a fundamental part to success. I have a strong desire to succeed so off to school I go!” Danny has recently started on a two year technical training endeavor sponsored by Pete’s Garage.


His favorite car to work on is his own. Danny says he gets a great deal of satisfaction from keeping his own 2001 Dodge Ram running well.

“My best Pete’s Garage memory was driving a ’34 Ford hot-rod to a customer’s house!”