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Pete’s Garage, Inc. is an American automotive repair shop based in Newark, DE and leads the industry with cutting edge advanced diagnostics. Nationally known as a ‘Fix It Shop’, Pete’s Garage fixes the hard jobs that stump the competition! With over 40 local garages calling themselves our customers, who would you rather use? Driven by quality and a desire to be the best, Pete’s Garage, Inc. has been helping to raise the bar in automotive repair since 1999.


Our industry leading, complimentary 57-Point Signature Inspection, is performed with every service and a report emailed complete with pictures, videos and ironclad prices.

Our industry leading, complimentary 57-Point Signature Inspection, is performed with every service and a report emailed complete with pictures, videos, and ironclad prices. Are you tired of taking your car in for a repair and then having to take it back the next day because it appears to have the same issue? Feel like they guessed at what it would take to fix your car and guessed wrong? Did you have one part replaced and it didn’t fix your car so you authorize another part and it also doesn’t fix your concern? I always felt if your first guess wasn’t good enough to fix a car then; why would you take a second guess?

It is a fact that if your car was not fixed the first time that a training, tooling or information system deficiency exists in the repair process. Even as far technology has advanced in the modern automobile, it is still far from rocket science; competent, well trained and well tooled shops simply don’t struggle to fix cars.


High end diagnostic tools are not just for manufacturer dealers, we use what they use plus we have more!

At Pete’s Garage we approach car repair scientifically, we use training, tooling and information systems just like the manufacturer dealers use. Some shops lack the tooling and education so they guess at what your car needs because maybe they had a similar car in before that had a similar problem. Sometimes they get lucky and do fix your car but more often than not they have to ‘fix it twice’ or even more than that. We do not rely on guesswork, silver bullets or phone/internet consultants, we rely on being very well trained and very well tooled on a narrow group of manufacturer’s cars.

  • GM (all brands under GM)
  • Chrysler/ Jeep/Dodge/
  • Ram
  • Ford (all Ford brands)
  • Honda/Acura
  • Toyota/Lexus/Scion
  • Hyundai/KIA

Our "test not guess" philosophy means you know your vehicle is diagnosed right the first time every time.

Call (302) 286-6069 for your next auto repair or maintenance service!
Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

Why Pete's Garage?

Testing For Solution: We don’t guess, we test, this saves you big money. In fact, most diagnostic testing sessions only take one hour! LEARN MORE


Honest & Reliable: You can count on us to be here when you need us most, ready to get you back and running quick and always with a smile

High Tech Testing Equipment: Pete’s Garage not only knows the latest testing techniques with the latest methods, but we teach it to other shops all over the country.


57-Point Courtesy Inspection: Complimentary and performed with every service. Emailed, with pictures and video to your inbox no more confusion. Powered by FlexCheck Auto; the automotive trade’s premier vehicle inspection software. LEARN MORE

Text and Email: It’s how most people get things done nowadays and here at Pete’s we text and email a detailed report with solutions and prices with every service. LEARN MORE


Cutting Edge Meets Family Atmosphere: The Pete’s Garage Family is ready to help. Whether you’re driving a low mileage new car or a 500,000 mile truck that is 30 years old, we will meet your car care needs!

Hot Rods and Classics: Whether it is a tune up on your classic ride or a major overhaul because a previous build went sour, we can handle all your hot rod and classic car needs. LEARN MORE


American Diesel Trucks: Yup, we handle those soup to nuts too. Complete engine tear downs or just simple driveability issues. LEARN MORE

Unique Configuration Trucks: Snow plows and even some trailers, we are ready to put our years of expertise to work helping you solve your vehicles non-factory, work related upgrades. LEARN MORE


Road Force Tire Balance: New cars are born with tires that have been road force corrected and balanced. This is a key reason new cars ride so well. LEARN MORE


Big Jeeps: Since the 1990s, Pete’s Garage Inc has been Delaware’s authority on modified Jeep vehicles. From diagnostics and maintenance to lift kits and custom modifications. LEARN MORE

Who Is Pete's Garage?

With 23 years in the automotive trade as a Master Auto Mechanic, Technical Writer and National Level Trainer of advanced auto repair techniques. Pete has a “fix cars right” philosophy!


PETE RUDLOFF, our founder and CEO.

Our CEO is an award winning writer, enjoy some of his articles, including his multi year series 
SHOW ME THE FIX in AutoInc Magazine, here:


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