Who is maintaining your classic ride?

It is a fact that fewer and fewer shops are willing to take on older iron. Just like with newer cars, it requires training, tooling and an ability to think outside the box.

Since 1999, Pete’s Garage has been the go to place for hot rod owners as far away as Florida. We have a dedicated hot rod/specialty/kit car technician and the tooling to fix or maintain your unique ride. Even basket cases. Have a classic ride that someone else let you down on? We can sort it out for you. Are you a do-it-your-selfer, but have a project beyond your ability? No problem, we can do that too!

Keep in mind, major hot rod projects may require being scheduled for a few months out and we only work on one hot rod or classic at a time. Enjoy some pictures of just a few of the cool classics and kit cars that have rolled through our bay doors over the years.

Who would think the Batmobile could break down? The better question is, when it does, who else would Bruce Wayne call? Pete’s Garage, of course!