Meet Pete 

Pete Rudloff is a nationally awarded technician, national automotive instructor/adviser, nationally published technical writer, automotive trade advocate and owner of Pete’s Garage, Inc. in Newark, Delaware, a six-bay facility with over 4,500 square feet of work space.

A gifted technician with a passion for training, Pete created Delaware Training Group (under the Pete’s Garage umbrella) to bring technicians together in an environment that fosters learning. Pete’s Garage has a national reputation as a friend to the general automotive repair shop with more than 40 local shops calling themselves customers. Pete’s Garage is known for fixing difficult to fix cars and has grown more into a diagnostic destination than a maintenance shop.


In addition, Pete was selected in 2011 as one of eight automotive shop owners in the country to serve, in a voluntary capacity, on Automotive Service Association’s (“ASA”) Mechanical Operations Committee (“MOC”). The MOC is a national automotive think tank that helps solve trade related problems including legislative and regulatory issues that impact the independent automotive repairer. Pete has continued to faithfully serve in this capacity until April of 2018 when he will time out, having completed all 7 years of lifetime eligibility, something only accomplished by less than half a dozen people before him.

In 2016, Rudloff partnered with Blue Collar Technologies, Inc. in order to bring software related solutions to independent automotive repair shops nationwide. Rudloff has been published nationally, nearly 40 times, in multiple trade periodicals and has been a paid presenter all over North America including Philadelphia, Orlando, Las Vegas, Detroit and even Toronto, Canada.


• ASE Certified L1 Master Technician, 1997;
• Chrysler Master Gold Certified Technician, 1996;
• Independent auto repair shop owner since 1999;
• Delaware Certified Emissions Repair Technician, 2004-current;
• Tool of Year Award Judge P-TEN magazine, 2011-present;
• Tom B. Babcox Scholarship Winner, 2012;
• Named ASA National Communicator of the Year in recognition of volunteer work done in auto trade, August 2016.


• Husband;
• Father, 2 children;
• Founding Member of the nationally awarded “Dads and Diapers” program with March of Dimes, 2008-present;
• Sergeant of Arms, Delaware Antique Arms Collectors Association, 2010-present;
• Senior Advisory Council Member Elk Neck State Forest Safety Program, 2011-2013;
• Assistant Secretary, DAACA, 2012-2013;
• Member of Delaware State Task Force for Firearm Suicide Prevention (by Governor appointment), 2016-present.


• Training Coordinator for Delaware Training Group, 2009-present;
• Training Coordinator for Delaware Automotive Service Providers (DASP) (Board of Director position), 2009-2012;
• Red Clay School Auto Shop Program Advisory Panel Member, 2010-2011;
• ASA National: Mechanical Operations Committee Member (one of eight members nationally), 2011-present;
• NASTF Scan Tool Subcommittee Co-Chair, 2011-2014;
• ASA National Tool and Equipment Committee Member, 2011-present;
• ASA Education National Committee Member, 2011-present;
• Co-Chair for ASA’s  Committee, 2011-present;
• DNREC CERT State Level Task Force Emissions Program Advisor (one of three state wide advisors), 2011;
• National Task Force Advisor for Massachusetts R2R Government Inquiry (one of four national advisors), 2012;
• ASA ASRW Advisor for ASRW, (one of roughly 12 advisors), 2012;
• Editorial Advisory Board Member P-TEN magazine, 2012-2014;
• Cardone Industries Think tank member 2014-present;
• GPADG Tech Comp Advisory Panel Member, 2014-2015;
• Hodgson VoTech School Auto Program Advisory Panel Member, 2014-present;
• Scan tool BETA tester for Mahle Corporation, 2016;
• Delaware Department of Corrections Auto Shop Advisory Group Chairman, 2016-present.
• Beta Tester PTEN AppStack
• Adviser to FIXD software


• ASRW State of Automotive Forum Speaker, subject was Evolution of Technology. Subsequently, this presentation was excerpted in the largest Canadian trade publication and other American magazines, Orlando, FL, 2011;
• Presented “OEM Scan Tools” at CARS in Las Vegas, October 2013;
• Greater Philly Auto Dealer Group guest judge at technical competition, 2014;
• One of eight shop owners nationally to successfully lobby in Washington, DC for NHSTA Motor Vehicle Safety Study, 2014;
• Created and hosted “Delaware Tech Night” training events, 2014;
• Taught “Scan Tools For Body Shops” class at CARS trade show in Detroit, Michigan, 2014;
• Taught “Mastering the DVOM” class at CARS trade show in Detroit, Michigan, 2014;
• Created and Taught “Unraveling the Mysteries of Chrysler Diagnostics”, sponsored by Chrysler Company, at CARS trade show in Detroit, Michigan, 2014;
• Taught “Unravelling the Mysteries of Chrysler Diagnostics” at ASA-PA Super Saturday Trade Show, 2014;
• Designed and taught “Unraveling the Mysteries of Chrysler Diagnostics” at Lindertech Training Conference, Toronto, Canada, May 2015;
• Guest industry speaker at Automotive Training Center, Philadelphia, PA, September 2016.
• Remarkable Results Town hall guest speaker, twice summer 2017


• Guest writer reply in Auto Inc Magazine for their “What Would You Do” column, 2012;
• Wrote article for Auto Inc Magazine entitled “Technology on a Budget”, 2013;
• Quoted extensively by Consumer Affairs Magazine for article entitled “How to Tell if You’re Dealing With an Honest Mechanic”, April 2013;
• Quoted in Ratchet+Wrench Magazine for article entitled “Three Technologies That are Changing the Industry”, June 2013;
• Commissioned and completed a series of 12 articles entitled “OEM Scan Tool Review” for Magazine, 2014;
• Commissioned and completed six article series for Auto Inc Magazine entitled “Show Me The Fix”, 2015;
• Commissioned and completed ABRN Magazine article entitled “Telematics”, January 2015;
• Modified/ rewrote “A/C tips and tricks” article for ABRN Magazine, originally written by Vanessa Atwell, March 2015;
• Commissioned and completed three articles for ABRN Magazine entitled “Identifying Drivetrain Components parts 1-3”, 2015;
• Commissioned and completed six article series for “Show Me The Fix” series in Auto Inc Magazine through 2016 due to series popularity;
• Commissioned and completed “Value Judgment” a featured article for Auto Inc Magazine, January 2016;
• Commissioned and completed “Hi-Tech Tools” for Magazine, 2016;
• Commissioned and completed “The World is Not Flat; Tires are Not Round” for Auto Inc Magazine, 2016;
• Quoted in Professional Distributor Magazine, March 2016;
• Profiled in Professional Tool and Equipment Magazine, April 2016;
• Commissioned by Auto Inc Magazine to continue the six article series for “Show Me The Fix” due to its popularity, 2017;
• Featured as subject expert for Ratchet+Wrench magazine article “The Amazon takeover”, February 2017.
• Featured profile in Ratchet+Wrench Magazine for forklift wheel lift attachment designed and built by Pete
• Commissioned by Auto Inc Magazine to completed feature article “Supplying Tech Tools”, June 2017
• Interviewed by San Francisco Chronicle about auto shop owners who develop software; April 2017
• Interviewed by Ratchet+Wrench Magazine about shop telematics implementation; April 2017


• Continue running day to day operations at Pete’s Garage, Inc. and BCT.;
• Continue writing articles for Magazine and other trade magazines;
• Lobbing to create a self-regulation program in Delaware that will create minimum mandatory licensing standards for automotive technicians;
• Designing SOPs for a simple apprenticeship between an independent automotive repair shop and an automotive technology student;
• Mentoring a successors to take over management of Delaware Training Group and Pete’s Garage Inc