It is a little more labor intensive than a normal spin balance but Road Force correction is key to making your car ride like new again.

     Road force balancing is a tire installation method that measures the roundness of the tire and the rim then matches the high and low spots of each component in a way that creates a more round assembly. This rounder assembly is then balanced with extreme accuracy which creates a very smooth riding tire assembly. Because it is a labor intensive process and requires specialized equipment, many tire installers choose to ignore road force and instead balance a tire that is less than round. Road force corrected tires ride smoother and last longer than uncorrected tires. This is how tires are installed when cars are brand new and here at Pete’s Garage we continue this practice because we believe in following Original Equipment Manufacturer best practices.





Every tire we sell gets installed using Road Force best practices, we are the only shop in the Tri-State area that does this exclusively!
Tires don’t roll down the road round, they ride down the road slightly squished. Road Force checking measures the squish and shows us how to remount the tire to a different position on the rim so that we can achieve the most even ride possible, and then we balance the tire using our top of the line Hunter engineering balancer




Measurements taken using a load roller enact the same force on the sidewall as the road would. This allows for very precise measuring of road force variation.
Though this picture is a bit of an exaggeration, tires and rims are not as round as they appear. Variations in how the sidewall flexes can make a significant difference in ride quality. So significant in some cases that it could feel like a vehicle was riding on triangular tires.

Photo Courtesy of Hunter Engineering